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NYSoM Community Outreach Programs

•NYSoM Outreach Programs are programs that NYSoM develops & produces in target low income communities that service the needs of certain segments of the community and help to enrich the community as a whole. Target segments  include the youth (with educational & recreational programs), elderly, working & out of work adults & the homeless. 



NYSoM Hunger No More project is a monthly activity where NYSoM distributes care packages (sandwiches, water and a snack) to the homeless in the Grand Central, Penn Station & Port Authority area.

Upcoming Projects: Saturday May 12th, Saturday June 9th , Saturday July 21st. All projects from 12-2pm



NYSoM presents a monthly outreach program @ Covenant House Mother & Child Center in Manhattan. The program consists of an interactive crafts project and a cooking workshop at each event. The cooking workshop is run by NYSoM Chef Paul Rabin. Each month the chef teaches the young mothers a new simple dish that they can make for themselves & their children.

Upcoming Projects:  Thursday April 19th, Thursday May 17th, Thursday June 14th . All projects from 7-8:30pm

children of bellevue

•NYSoM has  a  monthly outreach program @ Children of Bellevue in Manhattan. The program consists of an interactive crafts workshop as well as storytelling and educational activities with the children who are currently in the hospital.

Upcoming Projects:  Saturday April 7th, Saturday May 5th , Saturday June 2. All projects from 1-3pm. 


•NYSoM has  a new quarterly outreach program @ Cornerstone Senior Center  in Brooklyn .  This program will bring NYSoM volunteers together with seniors for interactive activities which will have a positive benefit for all participants.

Upcoming Project: June 2018 ( Date to be determined)